Lake Louise Ski Resort API Documentation

For technical details of each of the ports accessible via this API please select the link from the list below.


Authentication protocol for Lake Louise Ski Resort RESTful API.

Provides methods to view and top up Gift Card balance.

Provides methods to activate Louise Cards, and view and redeem Louise Card & DTL usage.

Provides methods to look up members.

Provides methods to process payments.

Provides methods to view history and validate tickets/passes.

Provides methods to record online orders.

Provides methods to send an SMS.

Provides methods to register electronic waivers with members.

Most of the LLSR RESTful API requires authentication. Visit the API Authentication documentation for further information.


Provides methods administer gift cards.

Provides methods to fetch snow and weather reports.

Provides methods for validating access control rights for members.

Provides methods to fetch member information.

Provides methods to view and modify Tri Area Hotlist entries.

Note that the methods in this API require an API key and password to use them. If you do not have an API key and/or password, please visit to request them.

Live Data Feeds

An XML feed of live resort information.

A simple of view of the snow report data.

Provides access to webcam images of the resort and surrounding areas.